The future of Beauty Education

Chloe Winter Academy is a Luxury Beauty Education provider, offering small group, results-driven courses to students from across the UK and overseas.

To create a timeless brand identity that would remain impactful and true to itself through the years, but with the flexibility to allow for continued evolution to match the business growth.

With a large portion of the courses being focused around brows, we created a unique but subtle curve to the W, reflecting the simplicity of the eyebrow shape and connecting the C and W together.

The main issue Chloe was facing with the Academy was a lack of time. Trying to organise courses, send information to prospective students and provide treatments to her clients left her with little time to herself, or to develop the business.

We created a centralised hub of information in the form of a website. The site was designed to provide all the information any prospective student may need in order to make an informed decision on enrolling on any of the courses. The simple site structure makes it easy for the user to navigate from the course, all the way through to enrolment and payment.  Courses can be paid for using either Card, PayPal, and Klarna Slice it/Pay later methods, allowing a larger number of students to now have access to Chloes’ industry leading Beauty Courses.