Beautifully crafted furniture deserves a beautifully crafted brand

Parker Howley & Co. are master craftsmen, handcrafting high-end pieces of bespoke wooden furniture for your modern or traditional home.

Following an internal restructure of Directors, a new vision and drive for the business was born. There was a need to create a brand, having never had a real brand previously, the business needed something to match the high-end quality of the furniture they produce.

We created a unique, handcrafted style logo marque, reflecting the handcrafted element of the furniture making process. The brand needed to look rustic, but maintain an overall high-end aesthetic, as many of their pieces were now finding their place in the UK's finest homes.

The next stage of the project was to design and build a responsive, eCommerce website. This opened the company up to a larger range of customers and allowed for 24/7 ordering, not just during trading hours.

The website was designed to be easy to follow, and easy to use, and each product page allowed customers to add their own personal style to the available pieces. Size, colour, worktop type, handles and legs are just a few of the options available for customers to customise, so creating a simple to follow layout here was essential.