Taking a local bike shop up a gear.

Formerly 'J's Cycle Shack', we were appointed to rebrand and reposition the local bike shop to be more of a competitive player in the cycling market, increase its perception to customers in terms of scale, allow it to communicate its entire offering more clearly and also attract a younger audience that will stay with the brand throughout their cycling journey.

Understanding the businesses goals and future plans allowed us to create a strategic brand that ticked all of the boxes. By removing the word ‘shack’ from the brand name, we instantly removed any stereotype attached to the word indicating the business was small. This gave us an instant win in terms of repositioning the brand and created a solid foundation on which to continue to build.

As well as the visual identity, we crafted a simple and clear brand concept and strapline that would instantly communicate what J’s Cycles is about, and who it’s for. J’s Cycles - NO MATTER WHAT YOU RIDE The strapline immediately tells the viewer that no matter what they ride, road, mountain, electric, commuter etc. If it’s pedal powered then J’s Cycles is the shop for them, something the business had previously struggled to do effectively.

The new brand has allowed J’s Cylces to:

  • Change customer perceptions increasing the brands perceived scale
  • Showcase their full service offering with confidence
  • Made them attractive to a younger audience
  • Given them the ability and confidence to push and grow the business

I contacted Squared to help me with branding my online coaching business and to say they have been brilliant would almost be an understatement and I'm looking forward to continue working together in future! Elliot is extremely responsive along with being excellent doing anything I've asked him to help me with! Can't recommend Squared enough!

Darragh Clancy, Coach Clancy Online Coaching